pokerstars bonus code December 2014

The best Pokerstars bonus code in December, 2014. Use our Poker Stars deposit bonus codes and marketing codes to claim the most free money in December of 2014.


the best December 2014 pokerstars bonus code and poker stars marketing code

pokerstars bonus code december 2014

Updated In January, 2019 - New players at and the other Poker Stars sites, like and, can receive an exclusive bonus package in December of 2014 that includes a free instant cash credit, several stackable bonuses and special tournament tickets. What do you need to do? Use a link and enter several codes. Pokerstars is going to make you work if you want to claim all of this free money and this December, 2014, Pokerstars bonus code guide is going to explain what to do. The first step for new players is to use our tracking link to visit the Pokerstars web site or use this link and download the software. Once you have the software open you should click the "Create New Account" option. The very firs registration page is where you will need to enter our Pokerstars marketing code for December, 2014 . The image above shows the pull down menu. Click on the "Marketing code" option and a new field will appear. This is where you enter the December 2014 Pokerstars marketing code PSP22810. Then continue creating your new account. By using our marketing code for Poker Stars you will ensure that you can also use our exclusive deposit bonus codes, no deposit bonus codes and reload bonus codes for Pokerstars in December, 2014. What does our bonus codes offer in December, 2014?

Bonus codes at Pokerstars can be entered on the deposit screen. So what bonus codes for Pokerstars do you need to use? Here is a list of our Poker Stars bonus codes in December, 2014:

Pokerstars No Deposit bonus codes in December 2014

Wouldn't a Pokerstars no deposit bonus code in December of 2014 be cool? The closest thing I have to a no-deposit Pokerstars bonus is the free $20 instant cash credit but that does require a deposit so it really doesn't count. It is important to note that you get the free Pokerstars money in your real money account instantly in December, 2014. The free $20 is not bonus money and it does not need to be cleared.

Pokerstars Deposit bonus codes in December 2014

So the Poker Stars deposit codes in December of 2014 covered so far are FREE20 - which provides an instant $20 cash credit at Pokerstars - and STARS600 - which you can use 3 times and provides a 100% match bonus up to $600. It is important that you enter our Pokerstars marketing code PSP11820 when you create your new Pokerstars account too.

Other Poker Stars Codes In December of 2014

Pokerstars will sometimes issue short-term Pokerstars codes in December, 2014. They may issue a Pokerstars reload code or a new Pokerstars deposit code. The best place to check for this is in the email address you listed when you created your account.

Pokerstars USA Players In December, 2014

Pokerstars USA is expected to open in late 2014 or early 2015. I really can't wait for Pokerstars to accept USA players again. I used to play 5 Card Draw and Omaha HL at Poker Stars all the time. Does Pokerstars accept USA citizens yet? No. Will Pokerstars accept Americans within the next 12 months? Almost certainly. Party Poker is back in the USA, in New Jersey specifically. Several U.S. states have multiple legal Internet poker rooms already in 2014. Pokerstars will start accepting USA players in one or two states at first but then expand to accept all U.S. citizens shortly afterward. Lawmakers and industry insiders expect Pokerstars USA to become a reality by 2015.

I will update this Pokerstars bonus code December 2014 article if PS releases any new no deposit bonus codes, new reload bonus codes or new deposit bonus codes. Here is a list of USA poker sites in December, 2014 . U.S.A. online poker in December, 2014 , may not include Pokerstars but there are several huge, fast paying poker rooms to choose from anyway. Check out this list of USA casino no deposit bonus codes in December of 2014 if you are really interested in some free chips. This list of new online casinos in December also contains free money offers.

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full tilt poker bonuses december 2014 $20 Free In Ring Table, SNG and MTT Vouchers, No-Deposit Required and a $600 bonus Alternatives - Poker Sites For USA Players In December, 2014

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pokerstars bonuscode december 2014
pokerstars marketing code december 2014
Bonus Code
Visit Now
250% up to $2,500, cashback & risk-free bets
3-7 days
9 methods
150% bonus to $600 and much more
3-7 days
5 methods
200% up to $5,000 Bonus + 35% Cashback
1-5 days
3 methods
200% bonus up to $2,000, $135 in risk free bets
3-7 days
9 methods